Wednesday, January 27, 2016

KIDS CHEMISTRY -Kindergarten Uses Magic Purple Paper To Test Acids and Bases

red cabbage juice and coffee filters
Drying them out before class

We tested lemon juice and sodium bicarbonate (i.e. alka seltzer) on our red cabbage indicator paper and put our tests in our notebooks. 

Then we were able to take a piece of our own design home.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Student Engineers Create a Take-A-Break Desk

Sixth Grade students use their recess time to come to Engineering Club, and solve real problems for real members of their school community!  Thanks girls!  Nice Job!

Friday, January 22, 2016

First Grade Uses Pinhole Boxes To Investigate Light

 In order to answer the question, "can we see without light?" first grade uses pinhole boxes to try to identify the picture posted on the back of the box-with the door open and without.

Fourth Grade Makes Simple Circuits With Conductive Tape and LED Lights!

As part of their regular science studies, Fourth Grade is studying energy and electricity.  In STEM, they deepened their classroom learning by making a simple circuit with conductive copper tape and LED lights.

Woodstock Elementary School STEM Lab Receives a Generous Donation From Fidelity Investments!

Many thanks to Fidelity Investments!  As part of a Team Building retreat at the Woodstock Inn, they donated 60 solar car kits to the STEM Lab.  In addition, a generous Fidelity employee, Chandler Willett, of East Providence, RI - after learning about the STEM Lab initiative at our school, donated $1000 towards the purchase of additional 3D printers.  

Thank you Fidelity and Mr. Willett for your generosity and support! 

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Third Grade Studies Balanced and Unbalanced Forces

The goal of this experiment was to balance the forces of air through a straw to keep the ping pong ball in the center - or on the blue line.  It is a difficult task to achieve.  They collected data on which type of air flow worked best, and wrote a claim supported by that data.

Second Grade Engineers Seeds That Are Carried By The Wind.