Technology Lessons of the Woodstock Elementary School STEM Lab

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First and Second Grade Participates in Hour of Code Week (15-16)
First and Second Grade Hour of Code (16-17) - Unplugged Coding
K, 1st and Second Grade Learn Robotics using LEGO WeDo
Second Grade Uses Google Earth To Model Which Parts of the Earth Have More Water (16-17)
Fifth and Sixth Coding - Finch Robots Videos (16-17)
Fifth Grade Creates a Digital Portfolio of their STEM Learning (15-16)
Fifth and Sixth Grade Use Digital Drawing to Design Their Dream Rooms (16-17)
Fifth and Sixth Coding - Finch Robots Video (16-17)
Fifth and Sixth Grades use Makey Makeys to Turn Random Objects onto Game Consoles
Fifth Grade Creates Jitterbots! (15-16)

Sixth Graders Participating in an Hour of Code (15-16)
Sixth Grade -Using our new Vernier Temperature Probes/ Chemical Reaction (15-16)
Sixth Grade Designs, Constructs and Tests Heat Concentrating Devices! (15-16)
Sixth Grade Creates Scribble-Bots (15-16)
Sixth Grade Finishes a 3D Printing Unit (15-16)
Sixth Grade Explores Electronics with Makey Makeys (16-17)
Sixth Grade Uses Google Sheets to Graph Our School's Backyard Bird Count Data (15-16)
6th Grade Mars Robot Unit - Using Hummingbird MicroControllers

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