Thursday, December 21, 2017

Fifth and Sixth Graders’ Engineering Design Challenge

As part of their Social Studies about ancient civilization, fifth and sixth graders were given an engineering design challenge to transfer water (rice) from the river to the field. They used StixNBitz to construct their devices

We had four or more days of pure construction!

First and Second Graders Create Holiday Ornaments

First and Second Graders improved their construction skills by designing, sawing, creating, painting, and decorating holiday ornaments as presents for friends and family. 

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Woodstock Elementary Participates in Hour of Code 2017!

Our students just participated in the largest global educational event in history!

 Hour of Code, is an exciting international event that took place this year during the week of Dec 4th through 10th, or Computer Science Education Week. 

 In 2013, the non-profit partnered with other educational organizations and school districts to issue the first Hour of Code Challenge.  Since then it has been a growing movement, and this year alone over 500 million students participated.  Our students were counted among them.  In the younger grades, we do "unplugged" activities - which teaches the fundamentals of coding - but without computers.  Older grades get to choose from a variety of computer-based games and tutorials put together by, Kahn Academy, Google, etc.  

Second - Sixth Grade created LEGO building codes that they exchanged with their classmates to try to build the exact same LEGO structure - without looking!  They built them from their classmates' codes.

The older grades also did the LEGO coding activity in Library classes, and increased the level of complexity - writing in empty spaces that needed to be incorporating into the final structure.

Students receive a certificate of completion!