Sunday, March 26, 2017

Popsicle Bridge Competition Team

For a second year, we are participating in the VT Technical College Popsicle Bridge Competition.  This year we have a team of six students participating, and we have decided to make a suspension bridge.

Thanks to Mr. Fisher - our engineer extraordinaire!

this design demanded a tremendous amount of braiding

our main cables are 27 strands, and our support cables are 9

sandwiching the deck between our towers

Fifth Grade Pulley Challenge - Engineering with STEM Stix-N-Bitz

The STEM Lab has a new construction toy that we have been experimenting with.  We have named it STEM Stix-n-Bitz.  It uses plates and sticks and bolts and wing nuts.

I have been designing and 3D printing a bracket and pulley system to go with it.