Friday, March 18, 2016

Fourth Grade Explores the Behavior of Water Waves

Students were given a tray of water and two droppers

What happens with single source waves.  In the center?  In the corner?

What about when you change the height?
How do double source waves interact?
Are they regular and predictable?

Third Grade Experiments With "Blubber Gloves"

Third Grade has been studying the Iditarod "Great Sled Race" in social studies.  As part of that, they are looking at how the animals in the Arctic have adapted to extremely cold temperatures.

The "Blubber Glove" - i.e. Crisco in between two Ziploc baggies, mimics blubber when they put their hands in ice water.  They all experienced that the "blubber glove" was warm, while the bare hand was cold!

KIDS CHEMISTRY -Kindergarten Explores Solid and Liquid by Experiencing Oobleck!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

We Had a Visit Today from Miss Vermont!

Miss Vermont, Alayna Westcomb, came to visit our school to do a Science Assembly and work with a few classes.  She started with a whole school assembly, where she did a science demo called elephant toothpaste...

 That was pretty exciting, but even more exciting were her visits to the second and third grade STEM classes, where she spoke about science jobs that students might be interested in.
She asked all the second grade students to draw "a scientist." 
All the boys drew men, but all the girls drew women scientists! See some of their drawings below.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Learning to Drill Tap Holes

We had a visit today from Mark Lackley, Eric Goldberg and Duncan who came to teach the 6th Grade students how to create threaded holes in metal and hard plastic. A good engineering skill to have!

Our Backyard Bird Count Results Are In!

This was an activity run in conjunction with volunteers from...

4 Winds Nature Institute

All grades collected data on the birds they saw in their backyard.  Fifth grade compiled the data.  

Sixth Grade graphed it using Google Sheets.  They got to choose the best way to display their data.