Saturday, May 25, 2019

First Grade Stix-N-Bitz Construction - Free Exploration

Stix-n-Bitz Car with Peg Wheels That Turn
Stix-N-Bitz is an environmentally friendly wood en construction toy that students of even very young ages can use successfully.  Students were allowed to design and construct freely.  Many students came up with some pretty complex constructions, and all enjoyed their constructing time.

Unicorn with a very long horn

Back scratcher

Car with Peg Wheels that Turn

A tight flying airplane with engines

Giraffe with very long neck.

Robot Man

Very long string of sticks!

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Second Grade Finishes Force and Motion Cars

When their car is pulled back, it stores a force:  When released, it creates a motion!  All painted and ready to go home.

Second Grade Constructs Force and Motion Cars

Second Grade students learned basic construction skills while building their "force and motion" (i.e. rubber band powered) cars.  They all learned how to sand, saw, hammer and glue as part of this project.

Kindergarten - Balancing Act

Using simple pan balances and a variety of different objects, Kindergarten students have been learning about what is equal, and how to weigh a variety of objects using washers.  This is all part of the Investigations Math Unit, #8  -  on understanding weight as a form of measurement.

How you measure "equal" on a pan balance.

Equal can look a lot of different ways.